Iconifier Usage

Iconifier usage since launch:

iconifier.net processed about 10,000 icons in the first six months of operation.

Over 100,000 icons have been processed within two years of operation from over 50,000 unique IP addresses.

After the initial six months, page one Google search results achieved include:

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  • free apple icon creator
  • free online icon generator
  • free online icon creator
  • free online favicon generator
  • free online favicon creator
  • free icon generator


Unique IP addresses that use iconifier.net:

Iconifiers: 160816


Iconifier RT @mitchfincher: Wonderful web site to convert a png to apple-touch-icon https://t.co/9Mr7w8baqI via @iconifier
Iconifier @CasperLemming I don't see why not as long as you use HTML code with the appropriate path on each page
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